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Digital strategy

Our digital strategy experts develop tailor-made plans to position your company in the digital landscape and create competitive advantages.

Digital Operations

We optimize your digital operations to increase efficiency and agility and enable you to react faster to market demands.

AI & Automation

We advise you on AI and automation solutions to optimize processes and automate repetitive tasks with innovative technologies.

Data & Analysis

We help you structure your data to make data-driven decisions.

Your Digital Strategy - Our Expertise

What goals and changes could you achieve with a customized digital strategy?

Gain insights into the efficiency and potential of your business processes. Our evaluation of business operations focuses on identifying digital vulnerabilities that hinder processes, as well as highlighting digital potentials to optimize processes and improve the customer experience. This step is crucial to strategically approach digital change and ensure that your company fully exploits the opportunities of digital transformation.

Our IT infrastructure analysis is an essential service on the path to a digital strategy. We carefully evaluate your company's current IT landscape to ensure it can meet the demands of your digital future. Our experts identify potential vulnerabilities and optimization opportunities to ensure that your IT infrastructure is optimally aligned with the planned digital transformation. With our support, you are ready for the challenges and opportunities that the digital era brings.

Our experts offer a comprehensive employee and capability assessment as part of your digital strategy. We specifically analyze the digital skills and qualifications of your team. This ensures that your company is prepared for the demands of your digital transformation. If necessary, we develop individual training plans and support you in further developing your team.

Our service includes a thorough competitive comparison analysis as an integral part of your digital strategy. We evaluate your company in comparison to competitors in terms of digital maturity to identify strengths and potentials. Our insights help you sharpen competitive advantages and develop a clear digital success strategy.

Customer Experience (CX) and Digital Journeys

The digital experience that a company has gathered can make the difference between success and failure. It's about creating seamless, intuitive, and personalized customer experiences across all digital touchpoints.

  • User Experience Design: Designing websites and applications that are user-friendly and appealing.
  • Customer data analysis: Using data to better understand the customer and personalize their experience.
  • Omni-Channel strategies: Creating a consistent customer experience across various platforms and touchpoints.
  • Feedback management: Systematic collection and analysis of customer feedback for continuous improvement.

Digital operations - optimization and efficient management of digital operations and technologies

Control and optimization of business processes in the digital era

Digital Operations is the umbrella term for the use of digital technologies to control and optimize business processes. It's about replacing outdated procedures with digital solutions that are not only more efficient and free employees from repetitive tasks, but also have the potential to enable entirely new business models. In today's digitalized world, it is crucial for companies to face this transformation in order to remain competitive.

From process evaluation to continuous improvement

To achieve this goal, a digital transformation strategy is needed that includes the following aspects: inventory of current processes, identification of digitization potentials, involvement of all stakeholders, continuous further training of the workforce, and continuous evaluation of the measures implemented.

Important technical aspects, including a cloud/hosting strategy, cyber security strategy, and data analysis/BI, are crucial to successfully shaping digital transformation and securing your company's competitiveness.

Use cases and trends in digital operations

Typical use cases can be found in the area of collaboration and digital workplace, management of customer relationships (CRM) and supply chain management.

Current trends are the increasing use of cloud solutions, an increased awareness of cybersecurity and the increasing use of AI.

Artificial Intelligence & Automation

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation has ushered in a new age of efficiency and innovation in the business world. These advanced technologies are transforming companies by optimizing business processes, enabling better customer experiences, and opening up new business opportunities.

Why companies use AI & automation

  1. Efficiency increase
    The main drive behind the implementation of AI in many companies is the ability to make processes more efficient.

  2. Improved customer experience
    In today's business world, customers expect immediate and personalized responses. By using AI, such as chatbots, companies can offer support around the clock without relying on human intervention.
  3. Innovation potential
    AI opens the door to completely new business models, products, and services. It can help companies identify processes that can be optimized and find innovative solutions to industry challenges.

At its core, predictive analytics is the use of data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning to identify future results based on historical data. This can be used for everything from detecting intrusion attempts in IT systems, predicting maintenance needs or failure of machines, predicting misoperations, predicting traffic jams (also in production facilities).

RPA is essentially a technology that allows businesses to automate human interactions in complex, computer-based systems. It is about software robots or "bots" that can take over repetitive and predictable tasks in software applications. This can include data processing, responding to emails, or even more complex tasks like financial accounting, all without human intervention.

NLP is a combination of AI and linguistic science that allows computers to understand human language as it is spoken or written. This has opened the door to many applications, such as chatbots that can respond to customer inquiries in natural language, or text analysis tools that can recognize context and sentiment in social media or reviews.

This technology enables machines to interpret images and videos similarly to the human eye. But it goes far beyond just "seeing" - it's about extracting information from these images and taking actions or making decisions based on them. This is used in a variety of areas, from facial recognition in security systems to diagnosing diseases from medical images to creating interactive and immersive customer experiences in retail.

Our range of services


Analysis of processes and uncovering potentials through the use of AI

We analyze your business processes to uncover unused potentials. We identify areas where AI solutions can be optimally used to optimize processes and create competitive advantages. With our help, you can better utilize your resources and find innovative ways to increase your effectiveness.


Discovery workshops

Our Discovery Workshops serve to find innovative ways to integrate AI technologies into your business processes. We identify opportunities that drive your business forward.


Formulation and design of use cases, PoCs, MVPs, and products

We support you in developing and implementing AI-based use cases, proof of concepts (PoCs), minimum viable products (MVPs), and full-fledged products to realize the value of AI in your company.


Requirements management

Our team captures and formulates precise requirements for AI projects to ensure they meet your business goals and are successfully implemented.


Project Initiation

We set your AI initiatives in motion by setting clear project goals, allocating resources, and paving the way for a successful implementation of AI technologies.

Data & Analysis

Importance of data for modern business processes

Data drives many business decisions today. Companies use data to identify market trends, understand customer behavior, and create strategic plans for the future.

Data analysis identifies trends, patterns, and relationships to make information out of data.

Importance of data for modern business processes

Data drives many business decisions today. Companies use data to identify market trends, understand customer behavior, and create strategic plans for the future.

Data analysis identifies trends, patterns, and relationships to make information out of data.

Forecasting and decision-making through data analysis

With techniques such as regression analysis and time series analysis, companies can predict future sales figures, market trends, or customer behavior. With modern AI methods, previously undiscovered correlations in large amounts of data can be uncovered and used for forecasts. Companies can make strategic decisions, allocate resources more efficiently, and prepare for possible future challenges.

Our Expertise

axxessio has many years of expertise in the algorithmization and implementation of data analysis tools using AI and other ML methods. The certified cloud and data experts from axxessio create powerful big data solutions, both in the public cloud and in the private cloud.

Cloud Consulting

Cloud technology has revolutionized the way companies view and manage their IT infrastructure. But what exactly is cloud computing, and why is it gaining so much importance?


Benefits of switching to the cloud for businesses

Modern cloud solutions offer increased security and comprehensive administration. Your infrastructure is automatically kept up to date and offers state-of-the-art cyber security tools.



With cloud solutions, companies can quickly respond to market changes, test new applications, or even support global expansions.



Companies can easily scale depending on how their requirements grow or shrink, without the need for hardware upgrades or downgrades.


Mobility and collaboration

Employees can access their data and applications from anywhere. This promotes collaboration, as teams can work efficiently together regardless of their physical location.


Cost Efficiency

Companies no longer have to invest in expensive hardware or rent rooms for data centers. The costs are flexible and are usually based on actual consumption.

The cloud provider must fit your own company and cloud strategy. Important are currently used and planned tools and services as well as existing and private and public cloud services. Topics such as data protection, compliance security, availability, pricing and much more need to be considered and viewed individually for each company.

There are a multitude of migration strategies, from lift-and-shift, to switching from on-premise to cloud solutions, to completely redesigning the IT landscape, as well as combining different strategies.

  • We analyze inventory and strategy regarding cloud
  • We advise on cloud providers
  • We support in the choice of the cloud provider
  • We advise on the creation of the optimal migration strategy and support in its implementation
  • We help in determining the right API or in the implementation of a custom API